Friday Fix Sept 14 – 18

Hey everyone, this week in the Friday Fix we have some web finds, tutorials, a very cool submission and we feature some work from our very own Chad.
Also this week we tried a new feature in the Friday Fix called “Twitter Reply Submission” Check it out!

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Web Find

40 Extremely Impressive Examples of Photo Manipulation |


Coding Apple’s Navigation Bar Using CSS Sprites |

30+ Tutorials for Creating Stunning 3D Text Effects |


SkyTrax Stainless Steel BottlesChad is just wrapping up on this site. The site is built on the WordPress platform, with a lot of cool hacks. The site has a really clean typography and a nice environment for the SkyTrax Bottles.


7 Steps for Systematizing The Design & Build Process |


Illustrator & artist Rod Hunt has built a reputation for retro tinged illustrations & detailed character filled landscapes. With UK & international clients spanning publishing, design, advertising & new media, he’s created works for everything from book covers to advertising campaigns, theme park maps & even the odd large scale installation too. |

You can buy the book here :

Twitter Reply Submission

This week I decided to try something new for the Friday Fix. I ran a brief twitter contest:
“First Designer / Studio to reply gets a feature in tomorrows Friday Fix post on”
This week @JoannSondy was the first to reply!
Keep watching your twitter feeds for both me [ @dertmobile ] and Chad [ @chadmueller ] for your chance to get a little feature in next week’s Friday Fix!

Joann Sondy – Graphic Designer |
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