Friday Fix Oct 12 – 16

This week on the Friday Fix we feature some amazing illustrators, offer some quick CSS tips and we find some very cool WordPress plugins that you might be interested in.

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Web Finds

Fantastic illustrator Ben The Illustrator – just released a special wallpaper for Blog Action Day

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Matej Toman – Graphic Designer and Photographer

Friday Fix Oct 12 - 16

tstout – Found this amazing illustrator while looking for some cool posters to buy – some amazing work – most of it is sold out which sucks for us, but it gives you a perspective on how amazing the work is

Friday Fix Oct 12 - 16

Really cool typography and illustration mix – Behance

Friday Fix Oct 12 - 16

Web Articles

This article from thedesigncubicle really ramped up some traffic this week, fantastic write up.

Friday Fix Oct 12 - 16

Two great articles from Colorburned – they aren’t new but I thought they offered some great tips.

Maximize Traffic for Your Contest or Giveaway Using Twitter

Friday Fix Oct 12 - 16

How to Get Noticed on Twitter

Friday Fix Oct 12 - 16


Style comments by alternating row and author in WordPress – Travis J Beck

Friday Fix Oct 12 - 16

DomTab – A really nice simple tab system

Friday Fix Oct 12 - 16

Adding Custom Google Maps to your Website – This is a cool little trick – STIERN

Friday Fix Oct 12 - 16

Do you want to do that with CSS? Multiple Column ListsCommunity MX

Friday Fix Oct 12 - 16

WordPress Plugins

Testimonial Manager for WordPress – profitPlugs

Friday Fix Oct 12 - 16

WP Develop – Some really great WordPress Plugins – check out the Booking Calendar and Category and Page Icons

Friday Fix Oct 12 - 16


Vote For Art will be similar to Threadless but with a collegiate focus. We are currently hosting the “Design Our Logo” contest which will be the very first of its kind. Members of the Vote For Art community will be able to design and vote for the actual logo to be displayed on our site and on all of the tees sold online and in book stores around the country. Not only will Vote For Art members create all the products sold in our stores, but they’ll also create the brand of the entire community!Friday Fix Oct 12 - 16

Great new type video collaboration from HypeForType and futuredeluxe