Friday Fix March 28 – April 1

The Friday Fix is a weekly recap of all things inspiring. We look at new web apps, portfolios, beautiful websites and anything else design related.

We have been feeling really generous the past week or so, and because April 1 can be a bit of a downer, we are happy to announce a total of 8 lucky winners who will receive some great prizes.

WP Webhost Freedom Plan Winners

  1. Michael C.
  2. Alex
  3. James

Each winner will receive a 1 year Freedom plan which includes; 50GBs of web space, 500GBs of monthly bandwidth, FREE monthly 50GB CDN and much more.

App Sumo – We Graphics Membership Winners

  1. Kat Skinner
  2. Andrew Tebbott
  3. Kevin Kelly
  4. @Bucket826
  5. @RayofLightMD

Each winner will receive a 1 year membership with unlimited resources which include; brush sets, vector sets, texture sets, icon sets, web templates and more added regularly.

This week’s Fix

The Typescreen from Spinning Hat

Bye Bye GD

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History of Internet Usage

The Current State of HTML 5 Forms