Friday Fix July 20 – 24

This week on the Friday Fix, we are giving you tons of videos. We have contest videos, we a great video tutorial from Elliot Jay Stocks, and some really cool typography videos.

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Web Design Finds

Inspired Magazine – A great blog that has blown up very quickly

The Friday Fix July 20 - 24

Design Slurp – A great one stop shop to get some of your favorite design posts.

The Friday Fix July 20 - 24

Incognito – A very funny way of marketing a company.

The Friday Fix July 20 - 24

Cover Album Artwork Tribute –  Some really fun illustrations

The Friday Fix July 20 - 24

DesignMoo – Another digg-design website similar to designBump and design float

The Friday Fix July 20 - 24

StickyScreen – A very simple and cool website that allows for easy post-it notes.

The Friday Fix July 20 - 24

10 Creative Examples of Typography – Some amazing motion graphics going on here.

Rufio from Phil Borst on Vimeo.


How to Design a Portfolio Site Part 1 & 2Elliot Jay Stocks
Elliot takes you on his process for redesigning his portfolio website.

How to Design a Portfolio Website, Part One from Carsonified on Vimeo.

How to Design a Portfolio Site, Part 2 from Carsonified on Vimeo.


Social Network Icon Set from Komodomedia – another perfect icon set from a great designer.

The Friday Fix July 20 - 24

Submitted Links

Mike Perry Art + Interview

Taking the concept of community into account, Brooklyn-based Perry illustrated his vision of our universal landscape, reflecting on all the components that come into play when creating a line.

The Friday Fix July 20 - 24

You on Youtube Contest with HP

Have you ever seen those sweet HP commercials with the celebrities, and no faces – well you can create your own and win some awesome prizes. Check it out, all you have to do is create a 1 minute video expressing yourself without showing your face.

Designer Spotlight

Rachel Rivera is a graphic designer from Vancouver British Columbia.
She has a very cool portfolio site, with many great examples of typography, Check her out!
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