Friday Fix January 9 – January 13

The Friday Fix is a weekly recap of all things inspiring. We look at new web apps, portfolios, beautiful websites and anything else design related.

Winner of the Fotolia 3-month Membership

And the winner is… Chris! —

Guilherme Garcia

Creative Market



Branding 10,000 Lakes

One Minute With

Two Arms Inc

UI Details


Scorekeeper XL for Playbook by Matt Rix

Web Critique Week

Next week we are trying something new! We will be posting a web critique everyday next week. Our newest lab member Mike has already posted 3 since he has joined the team, but we thought he deserved to take center stage for a week. Don’t worry Mike isn’t stealing the show Andrew and myself will be chiming in as well. So make sure you subscribe to our RSS or follow us on twitter.