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    Carol Rivello


    ComparePSD is a utility for graphic designers that compares 2 Adobe PSD files layer-by-layer, effect-by-effect and highlights the differences.

    Imagine. You need to find the file with that unmerged effects among the heap of 2 mb files which were called hastily ‘Untitled1.psd, ‘Untitled2.psd’, ‘Untitled2_a.psd’. And now you have to open every single file, wait for it to load, scroll through it, and then find the effects you was looking for. Sounds familiar?


    The new paper band design for 2011 planners helps to identify planners as distinct from other Moleskine collections and help consumers easily find what they are looking for in the multitude of Moleskine products. Each paper band now includes three languages and display new colors to identify the planner collection and its layouts.  With larger icons and descriptions on the paper band a shopper can quickly find what they are looking for.  If more information is needed, the Visual Code appears on the back band for reference.

    MorgueFile – A new public image domain