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  • RT @behoff Killer Mac and Web apps for maintaining a graphic designer lifestyle
  • behindcadi new iphone wallpaper, @chadMueller and @dertmobile from inspiredology.
  • “T-Shirt War | Adii Rockstar” ( )
  • Read my guest post on @InspiredMag Stop Launching Blogs, Start Contributing
  • #ShaunWhite is staying at the same hotel as me… He walked right by me this morning. That’s cool
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    Internationally recognized design firm Duffy & Partners has  launched a new gallery on their ‘Fresh Ideas’ section of their Web site inspired by the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The gallery features products, designs, colors and ideas with Olympic ties that are impacting design and tastes globally outside of the Winter Games. Take a sneak peak behind the scenes of Duffy to see what makes these great designers tick.  I’m sure its something that you and your readers would find very interesting!

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