Friday Fix August 31 – September 4

This week on the Friday fix we check out some cool domain tools, look at some impressive vexel art and taking a daily snapshot.

Web Design Finds – A very cool domain tool courtesy of Smashing Magazine.

Picture 2

Picture 3

Impressive Vexel Art – – Found this beauty website the other day, I love music so I love seeing what other people are listening too – great mash up of social media here.

Picture 4 – Beautiful portfolio site, the use of the watercolour is so soft and brilliant.. the blue colour scheme is just pleasant.

Picture 5 – This just might be the next big thing…. – a daily snapshot of yourself.. you can follow people – sounds like twitter with pictures.

Picture 1

Twitter Followers





Design Articles – At work, we are always designing white websites, because the elder creatives are scared that no one will be able to read the website on a dark colour scheme. With these tips, we shouldn’t have to worry about it.

darkdesign3 – Solid article about design business.

Picture 6 – Some really good techniques showcased here.


Tutorials – This is something that we need on Inspiredology – what do you think?

Picture 7 – I have been really pushing my websites with the use of WordPress so this is something that will save a great deal of time and energy.

Picture 8

Coming Soon on Inspiredology

Coming up we have some interviews with some cool cats, some more awesome web showcases and the winner of the PBworks giveaway.