Friday Fix August 10 – 14

After a very stressful week with our server, we have resolved the issue and we are bouncing back. We have to thank WPWebhost bringing us back up from the dead once again. You guys liked the National Geographic post so much, we were totally blown away, so we have moved to a semi-dedicated server from a shared server, so we should definitely see some major improvements in the next little bit. For the Friday Fix, we wanted to get back into after last week’s dismal performance. So without further ado…. The Friday Fix!

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Web Design Finds

Front End Design Conference – I need to find some time to watch these presentations

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Cube Club Chemnitz – One of the most amazing website header I have ever seen

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Recently I have been looking for some project management,  invoicing, time tracking web apps for myself, and I have taken notice to a few of these. Backpack is too much for me, but these might do the trick. Let me know if anyone has any experience with these or if you know of any others that are good.


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25+ Intricate Examples of Macro Photography in Nature

by Kayla at

Sublime Motion Graphics


My current showreel from Priyesh Puthan Valiyandi on Vimeo.


What if Websites Were People…

Pretty funny article matching popluar design blogs and sites to a person. Check it out!

Creattica Daily – REDESIGNED!!

I personally loved the last layout, I really feel lost and uncomfortable using this site, I love the site I am an avid visitor. But I really expected more… kudo’s for experimenting with the unique layout.

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PHUNK’N Creative – A really nice redesign, and I love the name

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Passpack – Received a heads up for a great new web app from Lousie

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In a nutshell, Passpack’s Secure Sharing gives IT professionals and web-savvy SMB’s a secure alternative to spreadsheets in the workplace. Passpack’s central online repository gives users access to their important passwords even when hopping around from one computer to the next. Web Workers can keep project account passwords orderly and share them with peers while collaborating then deliver a tidy list of links and logins to the client. Even families can make sure the household runs smoothly even when ” the person who usually handles this stuff” isn’t available by sharing common pins and logins like bank accounts, or bill paying services.

Coming Soon

We will be awarded the winners of the Fanurio Giveaway early in the week and we will be featuring another guest post from Aloke of, his last guest post was quite amazing. As well as we will be continuing with our photography posts this week, and if you are lucky we might have another giveaway. Stay tuned!!