Friday Fix – 2011 Year Review

Once a week we throw up the Friday Fix that showcases some of the best goodies that week churned out. It’s always fun to at the end of the year to see all the “Best Of” posts—I can assure you that, if not you have not already, you will be overwhelmed with “Best of 2011”.

Well Inspiredology is no different, we want to showcase the “Best of the Friday Fix”. The following sites were all featured here on Inspiredology and deserved to be a part of our year in review post.

This year we have seen lots of great things in web design and these examples surely prove just that. Lots of great grid based layouts, the distressed design style and lots of beautiful product images scoured the web, and I am sure you will all agree, that the Parallax Effect was used one to many times. We can’t forge the emergence of HTML5 and CSS3 based sites that really tells us where the future in web design is headed.

Handle With Love


Atlantic Records



VW Beetle




AW Digital



Threads Not Dead


Lost Type Co-Op

Nike Better World


Contrast Rebellion


We hope you stay along for the ride and enjoyed our Friday Fix throughout the year, I always enjoy finding the gems for each week. Did you have any favorite Fix’s? Share in the comments below!