Freelancers, Free wifi and Fab coffee

Freelance creatives are considered different to most workers. We work long, strange hours, and have an impossible work/life balance. Enter Free wifi and Fab coffee.

Our ‘working’ hours have become confused with our ‘living’ hours, and the price we pay for the extra freedom of freelance contracts, is thought to be mainly social; after all, when you work from home (or from your student bedroom, in my case) there is no conversation with your morning coffee (for better or for worse).

Open studios and cafe’s have become regular work spaces for freelancers, and creative types can often be found working away on their projects, making the most of free wifi and designer coffee. Amidst other urbanites and general lunchtime traffic, later this month I’m going to be spending some time in these environments, introducing myself to freelancers at random, and seeing if they can articulate why they opt for slower connectivity and much more expensive refreshment than is available at home.

My suspicion is that it’s a mixture of social, cultural and environmental factors at play, and a desire to work within the buzz of the urban milieu. A conscious desire, perhaps, to feel involved in the creative community, for a group of people who may otherwise only connect digitally to their clients and peers.

Below is a collection of inspiring work/play spaces where I’ve enjoyed great coffee and wifi around England, and others that my peers have recommended.

The Watershed, Bristol

The Arnolfini, Bristol

Full Circle, Leeds

Bonzo Studio, Southsea

The Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol

What are some of your favorite places in your area? Do like hanging out at these joints while you get work done?