For Your Inspiration: Super Fun Videos and FYI Q&A

Weekly web series to bring you a small dose of inspiration. Join us as we tap into the designer’s itch for all things artistic, trendy, and otherwise magical. I bring some insight on how FYI came about and why I pick each video.

Frame of Mind from Steven Alan on Vimeo.

What was the inspiration to start FYI, a “weekly round-up”, of inspiring graphic videos?

Mike: I’m all about transparency, so I wont beat around the bush with this. We were looking for ways to add more volume of posts that didn’t require the time as most of our posts but something that would also contrast with our particular content. Our content is unique, and usual text heavy so this was a great way to add different types of content. FYI for videos was a great choice because I am looking at videos all week anyways, so why not capitalize on it.

Why was the choice to do Videos for the FYI?

Mike: Like I said above, I was looking at videos anyways so it was a natural progression. We looked at the site and found that we wanted to provide this content on a consistent basis that eloquently contrasted with most of our posts. I am an animator by heart, so I think these videos are things that I really enjoy and always want to share.

How do you choose these videos each week?

Mike: This is kind of a week to week thing—sometimes its mood dependent, sometimes its about the videos of that week, and sometimes it is theme based. The video needs 2 things in order to make the week’s FYI: Great graphic aesthetics or an inspiring message. Graphic aesthetics could range from great cinematography, music, or digital graphics; they all have a place. We often get emails or tweets for suggestions and they usually always make the cut—so feel free to submit!

What would you like to feature more of?

Mike: I wish I could feature amateur videos. Not that I can’t, but FYI isn’t supposed to be a learning experience, per say; its about sitting back and watching some great videos that trigger something to help spark your next project or make you feel good and inspired. As much as I’d love to feature Amateur videos, they aren’t always inspiring…but time will tell. Might be something to look into!

Can we expect more videos?

Mike: As long as the community keeps putting out great content, we will continue to have great FYI posts. I think the Inspiredology community enjoys the content and I have a blast finding the videos and getting community reactions.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks videos and enjoyed some small insight into our process for the weekly For Your Inspirations. Its a great process and I love seeing all the great video content our industry can put out on a weekly basis.