For Your Inspiration: How Many Can You See?

Weekly web series to bring you a small dose of inspiration. Join us as we tap into the designer’s itch for all things artistic, trendy, and otherwise magical.

Analog Showreel 2012 from Analog on Vimeo.

Lenovo – Directors Cut from Analog on Vimeo.

Muffin Jack & Jeremy – Animation tests from Salesman Pete on Vimeo.

60 Minutes in a Skateboarder´s Life from Sebastian Linda on Vimeo.

Real Beauty Sketches from John X. Carey on Vimeo.

lapin from Alex Rimbault on Vimeo.

Everything I Can See From Here from The Line on Vimeo.

MAKING OF – Beyond the Sea from Chloe Nicolay on Vimeo.

A-Trak & Tommy Trash – Tuna Melt from Pomp&Clout on Vimeo.

Maide Arizona from Maide Golf on Vimeo.

Owning The Cone from Carter Wong Design on Vimeo.

Soma from Soma Water on Vimeo.

Bitcoin Explained from Duncan Elms on Vimeo.

MōVI BTS from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Who’s afraid of Mr. Greedy from GOBELINS pro on Vimeo.

STORYBOARD: The Fine Art of Coffee Portraiture from Tumblr on Vimeo.

Game Theory from Ithaca Audio on Vimeo.

Flying Eye Books from James D Wilson on Vimeo.

Objectified from manuel maure on Vimeo.

38-39°C from KANGMIN KIM on Vimeo.

Starbucks™ & YWFT Hannah from YouWorkForThem on Vimeo.

Kagemono: The Shadow Folk from Sabrina Cotugno on Vimeo.

Un petit oiseau ! from Gabrielle Locre on Vimeo.

Teehan+Lax Demo Reel from Teehan+Lax on Vimeo.

Une Fille Comme Les Autres from Jalouse blog on Vimeo.

Live Augmented Reality for National Geographic Channel / UPC from Appshaker Ltd on Vimeo.

Abraj: The two towers of Dubai from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

Audi R8 Spyder – ABT from Loniek on Vimeo.

The Diary of a Disappointed Book from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

How to feed the world ? from Denis van Waerebeke on Vimeo.

How many did you see?