Font Review: Semidocile Bold

For those looking for a modern and unique OpenType font, a new typeface by John Merrifield will be available soon through Stiff Upper Glyph: Semidocile Bold. Font Review brings out the best of fonts and tells you why you want it.

Created for graphic designers and other creative artists in mind, Semidocile Bold is a sans serif font that was hand-spaced and contains impeccable kerning. Its uses are strikingly versatile, making it an excellent font for all types of designs and projects (minus the smallest of font sizes, as demonstrated in the image below). Those of us wishing this creative font was available in a light version are not left without hope, Merrifield plans on designing a light version for the Semidocile typeface soon.


Glyphs, glyphs, and more glyphs

Semidocile Bold includes 380+ glyphs, making it a great font for just about anything. The complete glyph set will come in especially handy for those brand managers who deal with multiple languages or measurements on a regular basis. The typeface also contains glyphs for most Latin and Western European Languages. Plus, the completely original design will give those first to use it a fresh edge when it comes to typography in designs.

Best uses: headings and more

I probably don’t need to point out that this font is especially effective as a title or heading font. The soft lines and rounded edges are still clear and easy to read, and the bold style help it to stand out rather than blend into the background. While Semidocile Bold is not ideal for body text (as with most bold, san-serif fonts), nearly any short block of text should perform very well if used on a larger scale. For instance: block quotes and other stand out elements within body text could really draw the eye when designed with Semidocile Bold. Again, keep in mind that a light version, more suited for body text, will arrive soon.

Surprisingly interchangeable styles

What struck me the most with Merrifield’s new font is how versatile it is for a number of design styles—It’s hard to find a harsh line in the font. Even though the capital letters have right angles, the font seems to move along easily, giving it a sleek and modern look and feel; even the glyphs somehow manage to retain their soft yet intense personality. The bullnosed corners have an almost brushed style to them, which gives this font a fun and playful appearance in certain designs.

If you’re looking for a fresh, modern title font, with all the glyphs you’ll ever need, Semidocile Bold is an excellent choice. For those wanting to know more or to be one of the first to know about the release date, follow Stiff Upper Glyph on Twitter or “Like” Stiff Upper Glyph on Facebook.

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