Five New Ways To Design-Your-Own

Become a co-creator of your own product. Rather than shopping at normal retail outlets and buying things that someone else created or designed, you can design-your-own products at prices comparable to buying ready made products.

The industry of Design-Your-Own / Co-Creation started when big companies like Nike launched NikeID and then Converse let you design your own shoe too. Spreadshirt works to let you design your own t-shirts, and Threadless lets you co-design t-shirts in hopes of both parties profiting.

There are several new businesses sprouting up that are looking to change the way consumers shop, through co-creation, forever.

Blank Label – Custom Dress Shirts

Fully co-create your own dress shirt from top to bottom with prices starting at $45. After customization you can easily get a really awesome dress shirt you co-created for under $80.

Chocri – Custom Chocolate Bars

Pick the chocolate base and all the toppings you want to mix into your personalized chocolate bar. Design your own chocolate bars and throw in those sprinkles, goji berries, jalapeños and gummy bears you always wanted to mix into your white, milk, dark or white and milk chocolate base.

Me&Goji – Custom Cereal and Granola

Mix all your favorite ingredients together into a sweet or salty or sweet-and-salty blend of fruits, nuts, grains and more.

FashionPlaytes – Custom Clothing for Girls

It’s almost every young girl’s dream to become her own fashion designer, and FashionPlaytes makes that incredibly easy. Girls from 5-12 can even design their own label!

LaudiVidni – Custom Handbags

Put your handbag in a pedestal and call it your very own. Design every part of your handbag including the trimmings with this real-life replication of your co-creation.