First Guest Post and Contributions

Its 49 days into 2009, and I have made my first Guest Post and have contributed to a few great articles around the blog world. This year I wanted to offer my ideas to other blog and websites.

Guest Posts

So I have recently been coming up with some posts for some other blog’s. Yesterday I had my first ever (but hopefully not last) guest post published on Webdesigner Depot.

22 Website Designs Inspired by – So please head on over, subscribe to a great blog and check out my article. It has been dugg 125 times, which is fantastic.

Guest Posts

Many bloggers believe that guest posting is a great way to get more traffic to your own blog, so I am hoping we get some new subscribers around here to join the Inspiredology community.


If that wasn’t all…. in the same day there were two more articles, that I took part in;

Music of Design: What do you listen toOutlaw Design Blog

Guest Posts

What’s Your Favourite ColourFudge Graphics

Guest Posts

I also have a few more guest post that are sitting in the bank. So I hope to get them rolled out in the next few months as well.

If anyone is interested in guest posting for Inspiredology, leave a comment or email me here muellerchad[at]