Filter Foundry show's off the SXSW Film, "Beauty is Embarrassing"

Filter Foundry, an online creative sharing social portfolio, is featuring a fresh new film for SXSW. Featuring Wayne White, his artwork takes an embarrassing turn for the best.

The Filter Foundry is a unique community. They take an approach that separates a business from a showcase. Allowing over 50 creatives from a variety of fields with a focus on building business relationships between creative people.

Filter Foundry—Creative Social Platform

“Filter Foundry is a true passion born from collaborative, technical and creative experience. It’s a place for creatives in over 50 different fields, to come together and expand their personal digital business, inspire others, connect, collaborate, and educate. We FILTER the best artistic content into a digital creative FOUNDRY. New features released weekly and we are far from done.”

What brings us to Filter Foundry is not only the community Filter Foundry brings to the web, but also the wonderful work of Wayne White. His work, “Beauty is Embarrassing”, is a film being featured on SXSW.

Wayne White

Wayne White has had an illustrious career, and “Beauty is Embarrassing” is a breaking out party that has taken internet and digital creatives by storm. While some may not know a lot about Wayne White, his artwork is a masterful play on society and eloquent cartoon. Though some of his works may have gone unnoticed to the digital crowd, his accolades will surely wake you up. White, after studying at Middle Tennessee State University, has work for The East Village Eye, Raw, The New York Times, and The Village Voice. Aside from applying voices to characters for Pee Wee’s Playhouse, White also received three Emmy awards for his great puppet designs.

Filter Foundry—Wayne White Portfolio

Beauty is Embarrassing

Wayne Whit'es Beauty is Embarrassing

“Beauty Is Embarrassing is a funny, irreverent, joyful and inspiring documentary featuring the life and current times of one of America’s most important artists, Wayne White.”

“Beauty is Embarrassing” showcases the highlights of White’s artistic life while laughing at his creative lows. At the film’s whole, White narrators the struggles to best and accurately describe the artistic passions which lead us to success—White’s everlasting quest to make art fun, financially successful, and funny.

At the film’s core, it is an embarrassing expression about following our own passions; within its stratosphere, after you take a space shuttle up and analyze the complexities of White’s art, the film pulsates with creative character and affinity to look at art and the world, creatively, different.

The myriads of interviews in the film and the artwork showcased, barely give justice to an artistic world only some illustrators, puppeteers, painters, or any creatives could only hope to scratch. If you take the film’s name to the kitchen, the recipe reads to contradict realism.

Swing over to Filter Foundry, sign-up, and reap the benefits of a creative social palace. We hope you enjoy “Beauty is Embarrassing” and its unique look laughing at the world and then painting it.