Fighting Against Web 2.0 With Grunge Series Great Grunge Designs.

This is the final installment on the 4 part Fighting Against Web 2.0 With Grunge Series Great Grunge Designs. I am concluding this great series with what I would say in my opinion is Grunge at it’s best. Now what I mean by this is that these designs, use the previous grunge elements we spoke about to creating a website that is genuine and balanced. The grunge aspect isn’t to overpowering but the site fits into the “Grunge” category. They use subtle grunge elements to give them the advantage over their competitors. These sites truly honor the title of Fighting Against Web 2.0. The sites aren’t to hardcore or crazy, but they are corporate, business like sites that have just added a creative flair that in my opinion has always looked better then Web 2.0.

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I hope you have enjoyed this series, as this has been my first but I hope there are more to come, I believe they are a great way to study a topic. You can view the other 3 Parts of the series here;

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