Fighting Against Web 2.0 Grunge Series Part 2; Drips, Splatters & Sprays

Part 2 of the Fighting Against Web 2.0 With Grunge Series Drips, Splatters & Sprays. This grunge element is used in a wide variety of sites from music related to urban websites. These elements aren’t necessarily overwhelming but they add a great sense of rebellion. Adding a splatter to a corporate logo, says “yeah we are a business but we don’t care about business standards, we are the step above the rest”. So enjoy the posts, and remember that this series isn’t out to find the most hardcore grunge designs but to showcase grunge designs, elements that work good with good content, and web standards.

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Don’t forget to check out Fighting Against Web 2.0 With Textured Backgrounds I hope you enjoyed the first half of the Fighting Against Web 2.0 With Grunge Series. Next week I will give you the second half of the series with Grunge Elements, and a Great Grunge Designs conclusion.