32 Examples of Typographic Portraits

We all know portraits—we all know typography. Combine the two and what you get is typographic portraits; portraits made up from type characters and designed with one or more fonts.

The easiest way to create a typographic portrait is to take a snapshot of someone’s face and use a Photoshop plug-in to convert the photo’s grey-scale into words and paragraphs. Artists who create typographic portraits usually make an extra effort: they try to capture the depicted person’s nature in text that makes sense. This is why you’ll see lyrics in the different examples below—Bob Marley’s portraits, for example.

Typographic portraits come in at least three types:

  • The portrait where the entire photograph has been replaced with words
  • The portrait in which the artist has created a collage with fonts and text snippets
  • The portrait which the artist has created with only text elements.

Examples of the first type are abundantly present in the list of examples below. The second type of typographic portrait is more unique, and more difficult to do, in a way that you still recognize the person depicted. The third type is in my opinion the most creative one. The portrait of Hitler and Shakespeare are two of my personal favourites in this category.

Typographic Portrait of a Woman

The three examples below are traditional typographic portraits. The Bob Marley portrait uses lyrics as a textual component.

Daft Punk Typographic Portrait

Bob Marley in Characters

Typographic Portrait of the Beatles

Self portrait in letters

Bigger type used in the two portraits above helps to convey a different message.

Vasjen Self Portrait in Typography

Is this a typographic portrait or a portrait with exploding letters?

Nelly Furtado Typography Portrait

Face in Typography

Two typographic portraits with a special treatment of the eyes.

Typographic portrait by Maris Hartmanis

In these two, the eyes are filled with letters and the results in a more life-like portrait than the two above.

Typographic portrait of Grigore Vieru

Tyler Spader’s Self-Portrait in Typography

Typographic Head

The result is horror-like and it’s unclear what the spikes are made of; they’re not typographic at all.

Jimmi Hendrickx’s Portrait in Typography

Jimi Hendrickx was a guitar player and his typographic portrait is filled with his lyrics.

Typographic Portrait of Angelina Jolie

Obama typography portrait

A French proverb says: “Les noms des fous se trouve partout” (“one finds the name of fools everywhere”). This certainly does not apply to the two portraits above.

Hitler’s typographic portrait

With only a few typographic elements to suggest form and one word to tell his story, this portrait shows what Hitler most unique features and the philosophies he embraced.

Bob Dylan Typography Portrait; His Face in Lyrics

This portrait of Dylan is a collage of sentences that look as if they’ve been torn out of a book.

Woman’s Type Portrait

Contrary to Bob Dylan’s portrait; this portrait of an anonymous woman looks like it’s been made of wrinkled paper.

Portugal Typography Portrait of Revolutionary

Vialka Typographic Duo Portrait

Anthony Wilkerson self-portrait in typography

Joseph Schuck Portrait in Typography

Portrait in Garamond

Amanda Warren’s Typographic Portrait

Self-Portrait in Typography

Self-portrait Of Sabina Ciari in Type

Typographic portrait of Bob Marley – Redemption

Malaysian Singer’s Typography Portrait

Ava Gardner’s typographic portrait

Duo portrait in typography

Helvetica Typo Portrait

Grace Jones in Typography