Evolution of Hockey Logos

With the NHL playoffs just around the corner, us hockey fans are getting ready for the drive to the cup. The world’s most prestigious trophy in all of sports (even if you don’t like hockey – everyone know it’s the coolest trophy).

I started looking around the web for some cool NHL logos, then I thought well let’s take a look at the vintage logo’s compared to the current logo’s. I didn’t put all teams here, I just wanted to showcase some whether they were huge redesigns or just a realign. There are some classics, that will live on forever, and then there are some that make you think twice.

Vintage logos simplified

Some logos were over complicated, had to much information, having type and a logo crested in a shape was an easy way of putting the logo on a jersey, but just over-complicated the message. These teams, decided to realign their logos to be more simple, and by doing that a better brand was born.

Chicago Blackhawks – 1938 – 1955 & Since 1956

Pittsburgh Penguins – 1968 & Since 2001

Los Angeles Kings – 1968 – 1975 & Since 2003

Boston Bruins – 1927 – 1932 & Since 2008

A good logo is a classic

These are the truly classic logos, their logos have stood the test of time, the best example is the Detroit Red Wings, a logo that has been slightly changed over the last 75 years. Its impressive to see a logo go through decades of trends and still be so strong. Technology was obviously an issue with putting complicated logos on jersey’s, whether they were embroidered or put on sweaters such as the Montreal Canadians in 1918.

Detroit Red Wings – 1935 – 1948 & Since 1949

Montreal Canadians – 1918 – 1919 & Since 1953

New York Rangers – 1927 – 1935 & Since 1979

Toronto Maple Leafs – 1927 & Since 1983

Washington Capitals 1975 – 1995 & Since 2008

National Hockey League 1918 – 2005 & Since 2006

Realign in Attack Mode

Most of today’s logos are very strong and bold. The strokes are thicker, colours are stronger and have a better contrast. Looking at the Buffalo Sabres and the San Jose Sharks they have redesigned their logos to look more fierce and aggressive. These logos fit right in with today’s trends and sports brands, a lot of sports teams want to look more aggressive and stronger so they have redesign their logo with stronger strokes and bolder colours.

Buffalo Sabres – 1971 – 1996 & Since 2007

Phoenix Coyotes 1997 – 2003 & Since 2004

San Jose Sharks 1992 – 1997 & Since 2008

Tampa Bay Lightning 1992 – 2007 & Since 2007

Vancouver Canucks 1981 – 1997 & Since 2008