Easy File Compression Tips to Boost Page Load Times

A good way to enhance the speed of your web pages is to first compress the total size of your CSS and JavaScript files before uploading them to your server. This is a slight variation to the more practiced technique of uploading regular files in your server and then making use of compression tools like Gzip.

Instead, you can use CSS and JavaScript compression tools to clean up all unnecessary parts of your code and convert your files even before you upload them to your server. Doing so in turn decreases the file size and at the same time increases your page load speed.

Here is a helpful list of JavaScript and CSS compression tools that can come in handy:

Google Closure Compiler – This tool aids in the compilation of JavaScript into high performance and compact code. It also checks for programming errors such as variable references, types, syntax and so much more

ColorCode File Compressor

Packer – This is a form of a simple JavaScript compressor that enables users to paste the code and then “pack” it to generate a compact version. There’s also an option to use the “decode” button to undo all the changes you have recently made.

Packer - File Compressor

SquishIt – This compressor tool allows you to easily and conveniently compress and bundle JavaScript and CSS program files.

Minify – This popular compressor tool “minifies” as well as caches CSS and JavaScript files to increase the speed of your page loads.

Minify FileCompressor

YUI Compressor – This form of JavaScript minifier is especially designed to be 100% safe to use and also yields a higher compression rate compared to other available tools.

JSMin – This compression tool acts a filter that changes or removes comments and unneeded white spaces from your JavaScript files, reducing file size by about 50% and increasing download speed.

JS Compressor – This tool gets rid of all the unnecessary characters from the source code without changing its functionality, such as comments, new line characters, space characters and so on.

JavaScript Compressor