Dunked, Not Just Another Portfolio Tool

Dunked is a beautifully designed new portfolio creation tool from the amazing Orman Clark. Most important tool for any designer is his/her portfolio, and there are no lack of tools out there for you to build with.

In my opinion, there is always room for new projects to surface as it pushes one idea to become a better idea. Dunked wouldn’t be anything if we didn’t have WordPress or Carbonmade previously. I welcome Dunked with open arms, and Dunked looks like a promising new tool. If any of Orman’s previous work has told us is that his eye for design is among the best in the business.

Using the tool is simple and much like you would assume, the user-interface is simple and clean. Offering only the minimal amounts of information for you to upload new projects. The default “Vanilla” theme offers a simple minimal grid theme.

I look forward to seeing new themes, and hoping that maybe in the future they add some theme collaborations.




For anyone that is looking to create a simple portfolio, Dunked is a great solution to let your portfolio work stand out and shine.