Dribbble Invite Contest #2

Its that time again. You show us your best stuff and we give you one of the most allusive invites known to the design community—dribbble. Check out how to enter. The inspiredology team has many goals, and perhaps the most important one, is making sure that we are doing our part in growing the design community; giving an invite to dribbble is one of those ways.

Submit your best, get a dribbble invite

It really is that simple, nothing fancy here. Show us your best piece (more accurate directions below) and, if we like your piece the most, you’ll get an invite. If you want to make something new, go for it, just make sure its the best you’ve got.

The dribbble community offers a lot to aspiring and veteran artists. A previous article we wrote on Inspiredology talks about dribbble’s infancy and the direction a newcomers role can play. We want to make sure that who we pick will push the dribbble community in new and positive directions, and stay on top of their account.

Nick Agin won our last contest and has some great success in the dribbble community, bringing a fresh look and style, garnering 882 followers already. His creativity just oozes style—you are going to have the same success (we hope!). Once you get picked, follow this guide, understanding trendy posts, to a successful first shot (or don’t, if you’ve got the guts).

Here’s how to get drafted:

  • Follow Inspiredology on twitter and like us on facebook.
  • Tweet @Inspiredology the phrase “@Inspiredology has a @dribbble invite – I want one! http://bit.ly/JoOvwY – Here’s my entry [insert link here].”

Dribbble is show & tell for creatives. Designers, developers and other creatives using shareshots—small screenshots of the designs and applications they are working on.

Winner’s Grand Prize:

  • A dribbble invite to join the club!
  • Top 10 showcase pieces submitted will be showcased.

We will make a decision on the 17th of May with an announcement of the winner on the May 18th Friday Fix. Top 10 submissions will also be showcased on the Friday Fix, so make sure you’re showing your best for the whole Inspiredology community to see.

If you have any questions please feel free to post in the comments or send us a tweet and we will do our best to address.

UPDATE: This contest is now CLOSED. See who won the invite!