Drew Williams Interview

Born in Vaughan and raised in Brampton, Ontario. I am currently the creative marketing Director for Vital Insight Group (www.vitalinsightgroup.com), which is a software company that specializes in CEM Customer Experience Management for major automotive brands. I am also freelance web designer and graphic artist. I started out my career aspiring to be a Director, much like a Dawson Creek geek, but I fell into my love for design when I went to Sheridan college. Its amazing how your career path takes you in the direction your REAL talent lies.

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Where do you look for sources of inspiration?

I have many sources of inspiration, TV, movies, magazines but I find that my most creative pieces come from seeing work from some of my fellow graphic artists. I’m competitive that way, and my best work comes out when I am under pressure. If I am searching online for inspiration I go to www.thefwa.com, www.deviantart.com ,www.coroflot.com, www.designcharts.com


What is your favourite aspect of ____?(logo design, graphic design, web design)

I personally enjoy the post photography digital design work. I love taking miscellaneous images taken at different points in time and lighting and making them fit all together as if they were taken in one shot. Its not always an easy task but its a challenge that is rewarding once its complete. People ask me all the time, for the process in my work, but truly it comes from a lot of practice and determination. Most of my Photoshop skills are self taught, and I read and watch almost every tutorial there is on the internet. There is no better teacher than the internet and yourself.


What are your top 5 favourite websites?

www.behance.net great site to display your portfolio
www.smashingmagazine.com Awesome tutorials and design tips
www.comingsoon.net to get my movie fix and releases of the newest movie websites
www.makebetterwebsites.com Great blog inspiration designs

Who do you look up to in your field?

Ive always enjoyed the work of www.fatoe.com Job Hall and Maciej Mizer

How has using Twitter helped the popularity of your brand?

I use twitter more for a way to communicate with other designers and other creative minds on new ideas and opinions on my next project or new tutorials and design trends. I cannot stand the advertising and sales pitching. That is not what Twitter is meant for. The most I will do is let people know what projects Ive completed and their opinions on it. Pitching clients on twitter is something I don’t do. Let your work speak for itself I always say.
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Can you take us through your creative process from start to finish?

My process isn’t any different than most. I take days sometimes to get a real vibe and creative thoughts going after looking for inspiration and once I hit the design phase it usually is hit on the first try because of the amount of planning ive had in my mind about what I want to create.

What piece of work are you most proud of and why?

Global Sin. It was a piece inspired by the place I grew up and by the show “heroes” Im sure if anyone was to try to remember my work they would remember that piece first. For those wondering which piece that is, Its the CN Tower lying on its side with the woman and the butterfly.


What would be your perfect dream project?

I have gotten to work with some pretty important people and some famous faces, but I think working with a great photographer like my friend Eric Williams and Andrew Demattos on a UFC related project would be pretty exciting. As I am a huge UFC fan and Eric takes some great raw photos that makes a designer like me salivate at the design possibilities. Who knows you may see that happen someday.


What advice would you give to someone looking to specialize in logo design?

Logo design takes great skill and an ability to see things outside the box. I would advise anyone geting into logo design to take a look at Logo Pond If you cannot design logos like that then you need to get your mind in that state and try harder.

Looking into a crystal ball, what do you think will be the next design trend?

Honestly I think the next design trend will be Vector based designs mixed with photorealism…and that new technology they use in the St. margarets hospital commercial will be seen a lot more too.


What can we expect from Drew Williams in the upcoming year?

A lot more to come from me. I have a few high profile projects under my sleeve and some new ideas and design concepts Ive been waiting to release for the right moment. You might see me more in the media in 2010 as things start to snowball. So be on the lookout. Definitely will be competing more…

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Bonus Interview Goodie

Drew was nice enough to design an exclusive wallpaper for the Inspiredology readers. Just click the wallpaper to download the high-res image. Enjoy!