Disconnect from a Digital World: Getting Inspired on a Sunday

The digital world is chaotic—working 9-5 at an office, followed by a few hours each night working on freelance projects, lab blog posts, grading the best websites and other fun initiatives, it can be pretty strenuous. So when the weekend hits, I am cut off; rarely do I respond to emails, check my twitter feed, or type anything that starts with “<“.

Just recently my wife and I went to “HomeSense“, a Canadian furniture and interior design store, to check out some new things for the house, Christmas stuff. It was her idea, but I was really up for it, though as I wandered the store checking out some paintings, books and decorations; I started to get it—I felt inspired! A set of canvases really struck me and from there I took out the iPhone and started snapping photos of anything that was inspiring me.

Initially, I wanted to create some prints and then started thinking: this would be a great blog post!

Aisle after aisle, clocks, coffee table books, cookbooks, vases, retro and vintage collectibles, the list goes on. To be honest, it has been a long time since I have felt so inspired, maybe it was because I was out of my usual environment, I’m not sure.

Here are the fantastic retro airline paintings that I found. I fell in love with the typography, colours, and the bold beautiful layout.

They had a great selection of random coffee table books too…and I loved them! Coffee table books don’t really serve a specific purpose, and everybody has their own thoughts on why they love a specific book, but I was enamored with these. I am not a book lover; I often prefer something with pictures and a few lines of typography and I am good.

There was a great book on Elephants with larger than life pictures, a book from Pixar’s catalog, and more. Surprisingly, I also found a few cook books that caught my eye. The lovely typography and imagery on these books were fantastic, especially the For Cod and Country and the Home Made covers were fantastic.

I’m glad that I give myself the weekends to spend away from a world filled with emails, tweets, and the occasional “check out this video on YouTube” messages. It gives me a good life-work balance and it can inspire you without even knowing it. All the great designers and innovators always say: the best ideas always come when you least expect it.