Danny Outlaw Interview

Lets keep it simple here….I am 26, engaged to a super sexy girl, and just recently moved back to the states from Costa Rica to get married.  I have been interested in design, art, and business since I was a child and my family got our first computer and dot matrix printer!

Where do you look for sources of inspiration?

I find inspiration in a lot of strange things.  I always get a lot of color inspiration at the grocery store or while whitewater kayaking.  There are just so many colors and textures in these places that it can be overwhelming.  Some other random places I find inspiration from are old craftsmen style homes and really cool interior designs.

Old craftsmen style homes have so much character that can easily make its way into design.  Im also a junkie for HGtv to see all the awesome work interior designers do.  Their mix of colors and textures give me all kinds of ideas.

What is your favourite aspect of __? (Graphic design, logo design, illustration, blogging)

I’m really just a junkie for designing.  As with most designers, I love to design, but hate working with clients.  This is partly why I started www.Wordpress-Designers.com This way I have an outlet that gives me an excuse to design a website the way I want and don’t have to put up with clients.  I can just come up with an idea for a cool layout or design and just do it however I want.  It is really quite motivating and I suggest that everyone should create a template design every now and then.


What are your top 5 favourite websites?

Wow…there are so many great ones!  Do I have to pick just five?

  1. www.wellmedicated.com
  2. http://www.alexbuga.com/v8/
  3. http://www.meomi.com/
  4. http://goglamping.net/
  5. http://www.tutorial9.net

Who do you look up to in your field?

I recently met up with David from Tutorial9 and UX Booth; that kid is amazing.  He may be young, but he is no joke.  He has a great understanding of design, usability, and most importantly, business.  I have been so impressed with him that he is going to be doing some pretty regular stuff with Outlaw Design Blog in the future.

I am also really impressed with Liam of We Function.  I worked with him for a while at WordPress Designers.  He has some amazing design skills for being so young and new to the industry.  He lucked out and his career is pretty secure from this point on.  Amazing designer.

How important is it to try to stay up to date with trends, and competition?

Because I do so much work with various design blogs and run so many design business, I have to stay up on everything that’s going on.  I currently have about 400 feeds in my RSS reader.  If for no other reason, I keep up with all these blogs so that I don’t make the mistake of doing an article whos idea has already been run into the ground.  I hate seeing the same idea re-hashed over and over again.

You recently have started working with video to post content on your blog. Do you think this is an effective way of getting a message across? Do you think this could be the next trend on design blogs?

Im not sure if it will be the next trend, but I do thing it is a nice addition to them.  One thing I plan on doing with Outlaw Design Blog in the future is to offer a video and audio of each post when appropriate.

People have certain ways they like to digest information.  Some like text, while others like video or audio.  I feel that doing the extra work to provide these various formats will really pay off in the long run.

What sort of social media tools do you use and find the most successful?

Without sounding like I have just jumped on the bandwagon, Twitter has been doing a lot for exposing me to new people and helping build the Outlaw brand.  I probably don’t do as much social media as I should.  Im actually starting to go old school and do more personal stuff like attending meet ups, design groups, etc.

What piece of work are you most proud of and why?

This is really hard to say, because some of the work I am most proud of are group projects.  I rarely do any actual design work these days and do a lot more “creative director” type work.

My most recent project was a project I worked on with Andrew of http://andrewlindstrom.com/.

The site can be seen at www.tshirtmogul.net The content is still a WIP, but the design is pretty much done and amazing!

What would be your perfect dream project?

That would have to be to create some form of an interactive learning environment.  I’d love to create a site that helps to educate young designers and teaches them both the business and design side of things.  If I could make enough money off a site like that I would be stoked.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the design industry?

I would have to stress the importance of networking.  Having a great portfolio and not being afraid to network can go a long way.  Liam is a prime example of this.  He has some great portfolio work, but he is also a very active social person.  This has resulted in him getting a ton of work and really built up his name.

Looking into a crystal ball, what do you think will be the next design trend?

Wow that’s hard to say, things change so fast these days.  I think the world is really starting to see the value in CMS, so I think we will be seeing a lot more of those in the future.  As a result, we will probably start seeing a lot more premium type themes and designs.


With the redesign, What can we expect from Outlaw Design in the upcoming year?

As I said before, one thing I want to start doing is adding a variety of media formats for readers to have access to.  I will be personally doing at least one weekly video cast by myself.  I will also be doing a video or two a month with David from Tutorial 9.

Andrew of Well Medicated is helping me setup a group podcast that will do once a month.  Right now the panel members are still up in the air, but Adrew, David, and some of the guys from Fresh ID will be on there.

The rest you will just have to wait for!