Concept Feedback Review

It’s not too often that we here at Inspiredology write reviews on websites or products, but i recently came across Concept Feedback and thought it deserved a mention.

For those of you who are not familiar with Concept Feedback let me give you a quick rundown of what it’s all about.
I think I speak for a large majority of the Inspiredology community in saying that I constantly come up with GREAT website ideas, design concepts and start up ideas. But I wonder, are these ideas actually great, or have i somehow convinced myself into thinking they’re great? Well wonder no more thanks to Concept Feedback. Once joining the site (for free) the site offers you a platform to pitch and showcase your new idea or design to the community of designers and creative minds to help you work out a final result, or in some unfortunate cases ditch a project (for the best of course).

And now for all you visual people out there, here is a bit of the process:

The Concept

Here you can see how the pitch is launched. You give the community your basic info about the project.

Imagine Great Concept Idea Here

The Feedback

The community then comes and offers their opinions and rates your concept.

You then have a chance to comeback and reply to their comment, to have a bit of a conversation.

I would definitely recommend that you go visit the site! Go ahead and post that concept you have been thinking about for months, or rate and help other designers out there on their projects. Designers united we stand …well that might be a bit much, none-the-less check the site out!