Carlsberg Canada – Do You Deserve a Carlsberg?

Well many of you know that Chad and I are big fans of all things design and development, but we’re also big fans of beer! ( the combination of both can lead to some… interesting projects) So we were obviously intrigued when we saw the new Facebook promotion that Carlsberg Canada was working on!

Canada, go win some prizes!

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Head over to the new Carlsberg Facebook page, and enter why YOU think you deserve a Carlsberg! Each entry enters you into winning some sweet Carlsberg prizes!

From a technology and design perspective I do have to applaud the company that setup this campaign for Carlsberg. The integration within Facebook was fantastic and the design was great. From a marketing/promotional aspect the campaign was also very easy to take part in, and did have a fun final result that was easy to share on your Facebook profile. Certainly impressive considering that a campaign like this couldn’t even have existed about 7 years ago, really speaks volumes to the progressive nature that advertising and marketing needs to have to stay current and connect with the audience. Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

Well as much fun as this blog post was to write… this deserves a Carlsberg.