Business Card Tips for Freelancers

Working as a freelancer puts you in a category that is rife with competition. Freelancers hand out business cards like revelers throw confetti at a wedding.

You may find yourself one step ahead of the pack if you have a business card that stands out from the crowd and has a distinctive, accurate message – but how do you go about doing this?

Sell Yourself

Business cards are not about any overly specific thing you may have done, they are about everything you do and will do. When creating a business card, just use your name and have what you do on it; don’t clutter your card with extensive or confusing business jargon. Make sure your portfolio or examples, etc are linked to on the card. Don’t confuse those who are lucky enough to get your card, keep it clean.

One new and innovative way to do this is to use a Quick Response Code (QR). These codes are similar to bar codes and allow users to link straight to portfolios or sites with just a scan using their smartphone. They can be placed on cards unobtrusively and can be a great idea to prevent clutter. This also helps to show that you’re on top of growing trends or new technologies.

Business cards are not about any overly specific thing you may have done, they are about everything you do and will do.

Be Creative

Being a freelancer means you can develop your business’s own identity. You have complete control over your brand, it’s websites, it’s business cards—so keep them consistent. Try and reflect what you do with a creative card invoking your style. If you haven’t a notion how to do this, just ask freelance graphic designers, they will be sure to create an aptly styled card for your business.

You can also use pictures or  images, as they are a great mentally associative reminder to people, while making sure they are personal to your brand and/or industry. For instance, we came across a writer who always wore a hat—his card was a picture of the hat with a quill in it – easy to remember who he is and what he does. Other examples have included bakers who infuse their cards with a cake smell created by an artificial chemical or add interactivity such as a folding brochure, vertical cards can be enough to gain someone’s attention.

Quality speaks volumes

When getting your cards printed use a quality printer, quality ink and quality paper. Being willing to sacrifice money on quality will tell people shows initiative and craftsmanship—qualities we all freelancers aspire to keep high. A quality business card will give people the right impression, a low quality one will give the opposite. Aside from this a good quality business card on high GSM paper will last longer and get less tattered in peoples’ possessions.  The longer they hold onto your card, the longer you are getting advertised.