Brand Conversion Using Human Psychology

A fresh new look at gaining visitors and creating an irresistible product. Your website isn’t just great design or typography, it starts with understanding the human psyche and then designing straight to it.

With the advent of modern age, websites were touted as the new age encyclopedia or the online repository of information that house nearly everything. We also cannot ignore modernization that gifted us fierce ‘competition’, wherein you have 100 websites readily available within a single service keyword. A midst all this, how do you highlight your brand or website in a way that it appeals to the mass audience better than others do? Understanding human psychology will make your website irresistible to others.

Here are some tips to assist you in understanding certain psychological elements which one can use to easily trigger website leads.

Playing the Emotional Strings for a Fine Symphony

Human is a social animal, the fact that makes him an emotional creature too. Every decision in our daily lives is based on strong emotions that connect us. Ofcourse, the term logic comes after a decision is made out of emotions. Using a brand marketing campaign that triggers human emotions much more than thinking is what we need. To explain my point with an example, if you are into marketing of Children Story books then stressing on the ‘Child-Parent’ bond is your key to successful brand conversion strategy. Stressing on this familiar bond will surely trigger human emotions with the audience.

Value over Price

Perceived Value>Perceived Cost

First, let me make it clear that there is a whole lot of difference between value and price! Perceived value of a product is a psychological term that deals with the benefit offered by the product against its perceived price. A simple rule is that a product should offer more value than its actual price to make it worth purchase. Therefore, to make your campaign actually work, you have to explain the value of your product to the customers in a way that it seems much more than the cost of the product itself. Here are certain ways in which perceived value can outweigh the perceived cost:

  • Explaining what the products offers on a long term
  • Positive comparison with another product
  • Offering attractive discounts and bonuses
  • Product quality improvement is always a better option to win a loyal audience

Igniting Self-Benefit

The first thing on a consumers mind after seeing an ad is ‘how can this benefit me?’

A very simple marketing fact is that a customer while, purchasing a product, will always look for his own benefit above all other marketing tactics. Initiating the ‘self-benefit’ factor in a customer is the best way to grab his or her attention and be on your way to improving your brand’s value. Ensure you use this psychological principle in your marketing strategy in an effective way, so that the self-benefit questions in the minds of your users are answered successfully. If you keep in mind users’ benefit over other strategies then, you will always be in a win-win situation.

Tip: Your product caption or punch line should focus more on customers benefit than brand quality!

Reality Check

Being real and believable at the same time is what builds a strong brand. Internet is a world of many possibilities and people have numerous options to choose from, that is why being real and believable is what sets you apart from others in the market. People normally don’t buy because either the product is a waste or they don’t trust you! Majority of the people have a fear in their mind regarding credit card frauds or other delivery issues while purchasing products online.

The psychological principle to tackle such credibility issues is to make your services are more real and reliable by posting client video testimonials and showing that transactions conducted on the website have full SSL encryption. Also, offer multiple contact options for your customers to make them feel safe that you are reachable at any point of time.

Be a Problem Solver

Apart from the self-benefit principle, problem-solving nature of your marketing campaign can also assist you in building your brand effectively. Stress on how your product can solve a particular problem. One-liners like lose weight, improve eyesight, getting rid of dark spots etc. still work magic when it comes to a marketing campaign. You have to identify the key problematic areas that your product solves and highlight the same in your marketing campaign, to get a psychological lead. For example, your product is a weight lose supplement then highlight how losing weight can improve one’s confidence and personality.

He has already purchased your product

In this psychological principle, you keep in mind that the customer has already made the decision to buy from you. This kind of move creates a positive impact on the users mind regarding your products and services. For instance, instead of saying when you purchase XYZ you will be getting, say ‘with your XYZ you will be getting ABC free of cost’! This principle has a lot to do with steering conversation in a manner that creates a positive impression in the minds of a customer and elevates your brand.


Building a brand is much more than capital investment, but appropriate use of human psychology. Using the above tips, you can surely build a positive brand image and improve conversion rate. I am sure there are more secrets to ‘brand conversion using human psychology’, if you are aware of them then please feel free to share it with me.

What are some of your ways you try to get into the mind’s of your customers? What are some great tools or ideas you use?