Best Web Gallery Redesign + News

Super excited to share the news that I am now the Content Manager of The brainchild of Nick La, BWG has been one of the highest quality CSS galleries.

By now we all know there are thousands of galleries out there, but there are only a handful that are the best. I have been a huge fan of the site since the beginning, as well I have been a huge fan of Nick’s stuff. Nick is located less than an hour down the 401 from me, so over the past year or two we have had a chance to meet up and talk over beers.

It wasn’t till last year we started talking about collaborating in some way. BWG has been dormant over the past year or so, so like many of you I asked why – Nick just simply had no time with his new venture Themify – he couldn’t manage everything. I through the idea out there that I could help out.

That brings us today – Nick revamped the design which looks stellar, and now I am the man behind the site screening all the best websites that come through. I can’t be more excited to be helping out.

There are some great new features of the site, Nick has explained them all – Best Web Gallery Revamp on Web Designer Wall.

Be sure to follow me @chadmueller to stay up to date with Inspiredology and BestWebGallery news, you can also follow @nickla. We are also trying to get the @BWG or @BestWebGallery twitter handles so you can get updated via your twitter stream of all things awesome from BWG.

If you have any feedback on the new design, feel free to comment, we have a few cool new ideas that we are working on.

BWG is back.