Best sites for Web Resources

Over the past year, the web industry has become flooded with downloadable design files.With the rise of website themes, stock photography, if you look hard enough you can find just about anything online.

It has become a huge point, in the web industry, just like blogs were big 3 years ago, offering editable psd’s are now the “cool” thing. It started with stock photography and video. That soon faded, but website templates were the next thing, with marketplaces like Theme Forest and theme designers ElegantThemes, WooThemes still be very popular.

Well if you didn’t have the time or the skill to offer full websites, but you had done some work in Photoshop – you know have places to offer those files to the world. Whether they are left over from a failed client project, or you just feeling creative and want to create a bunch of slick buttons – we want them!

I think it’s a great way to offer some small elements to the public, without investing a whole bunch of time into it. I have compiled a group of sites that I have downloaded resources from. The majority are free, some have a monthly subscription tied to them, but if you are looking for something – you are bound to find it somewhere here.



Design Kindle


Pixels Daily

Lost & Taken


The League of Moveable Type



design deck

What are your go to spots for resources?