Awesome Vector Koi Fish Freebie & Video Tutorial

We bring you a great koi fish freebie and a speed drawing video tutorial on its creation, offered by the talented team of designers from

This premium vector is hand-drawn from scratch in amazing detail and would be a great addition to a wide range of design projects or learning experiences.The koi fish (also known as a ‘carp’) symbolizes courage, strength and power to face and overcome adversity. This belief originates from a Japanese legend according to which the koi fish was transformed into a dragon at the end of its journey if it managed to climb up the waterfalls on the Yellow River past a point called Dragon Gate.This also links it in popular beliefs to the ability of attaining high goals, so it adds positive connotation to any composition.

Download this cool vector to your personal collection of design resources

Last but not least, below is the speed drawing—enjoyable and relaxing to watch as you pick up a few useful tips and tricks from it. Take a look, get inspired, and lets us know if you like this quick freebies and video tutorials.