A look at Brochures that Break Your Art Funk

I don’t know about you, but I get into a design funk every now and then. When this happens, I need a kick to get my mind outside the box. We have built a quality round-up to do just that.

This is where I find that great, specific roundups help a lot. In light of the (sort of) time-wasting, inspiration-searching that we artists and designers fall into, I have gathered a collection of awesome brochures that break the mold and also included some tips for keeping your designs original.

As you read through the tips and view the images, you may notice some brochures that are quite unique in their approach and layouts—even if your brochures are not budgeted for a unique die cut, a crazy accordion fold, or a weird shape, or other over-the-top brochure designs like the ones below should help rattle you out of your rut and get you back on track with your design as soon as possible.

Tip #1: Incorporate a Full Page Graphic

A great way to “wow” a client, and his or her brochure recipients, is with a graphic that stretches across all panels of the brochure. As you unfold the brochure, the graphic will build and curiosity encourages you to keep opening and reading. Here are other full page graphics:

Tip #2: Stand Out with Die Cuts

Assuming your client can afford the cost, die cutting is a great way to make a brochure stand out. However, die cuts do not have to be as crazy as the ones in the brochure design above. You can simply create a cut-out window on the front panel that gives readers a peek at what’s inside in an attempt to, once again, build some curiosity. More die cuts:

Tip #3: Go Extremely Stylized

A stylized look can really appeal to a particular audience. If your client needs a brochure that advertises an event, then create a design that completely goes all out in the spirit of the event. If your client is focusing on the target audience’s specific hobby, really hone your design to appeal to that hobby, but take it over-the-top as in the brochure above. More stylized brochures:


Tip #4: Add a Unique Accessory

One plus of small unique touches, such as the chain tag on the brochure above, is that you can often fit it into a small budget—How? Tell the client to put the brochures together on their own and all they have to pay for is the materials. Many materials can be glued or attached to hole punches for only the cost of the materials. Here are other brochures with unique accessories:


Tip #5: Interesting Folds

Sometimes, an ordinary fold can be turned interesting with the simple adding of a twist into the design, such as going super-long on the length or combining with a die-cut shape. Incorporating graphics into the shape of the fold can also increase the brochure’s appeal. More fun and interesting folds:

Tip #6: Stunning Colors and Graphics

Sometimes, all you need is to go a bit bold with your color scheme; the right colors used in the right way, for the right kind of brand, is an excellent and, possibly cheaper, way of making brochures look amazing. More crazy brochure colors and graphics:

Are any of these brochure designs your favorite? Do you have any interesting brochures or round-up spots you would like to share that give you inspiration?