AppSumo – WeGraphics Membership Giveaway

Hey everyone! We’re teaming up with AppSumo today to give away FIVE 1yr Memberships to the WeGraphics Ultimate Designer Toolbox!

I COULD write all about this great offer, but the fine folks at AppSumo have already done it for me… Might as well rip them off!

What’s the deal?

Search Google for hi rez textures and the results really suck. Sometimes you just want a library of resources that doesn’t require slogging through a mountain of unintended search results. Except, like, not really a library, because that comes with late fees and the smell of dust. More, like a supermarket? Maybe like that. But, like, a supermarket with a membership, where you just pay once, and get all you can eat… Wait, no. Buffet. We’re thinking of a buffet. A buffet of design resources!

Such a buffet does exist, and it’s called WeGraphics. It’s the definitive solution for designers who need high-quality resources. Producers of ready-to-use brushes, vectors, textures, icons and tons more to make your life easier.

What you get

Unlimited access to all resources for 1 year
Currently includes :
35 brush sets
41 vector sets
32 texture sets
3 web templates
12 icon sets
9 mock-up sets

How to Win! – 1 of FIVE 1yr Free Memberships

Comment or Tweet!
Simply drop a comment in this post letting us know where you would be using the great stuff from WeGraphics.
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I need to get hooked up with a free membership to @WeGraphics from Inspiredology and @AppSumo!

Wicked easy right? Enter both ways if you want!

Contest Ends Thursday March 31 @ 3pm EST, Winners will be announced in the Friday Fix post this week!