Another 79 amazing album covers

Quite a while back, I posted 99 Best Designed album covers, some of you thought that the post was some what misleading. I look back now and I do understand that some of the album covers might not belong under that title, but some I really like.In my personal opinion those were the best designed album covers that I was exposed too….most of them were quite mainstream, so I decided to dive slightly deeper to find out if I can find some more interesting album covers. So I leave you with Another 79 amazing album covers.

ti-paper-trail-cover rafale_rockit_dont_stop_it

menomena_friend_and_foe michael_jackson_dangerous-f

1002 13527

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145 171098

161 17491960-17491962-large

17602846-17602848-large 17833976-17833978-large

17834316-17834318-large 206

2941 305005

51N4NVR9APL._SS400_ 35

4_final-cover_paul_kelly_stolen_apples 5604

5d67a08387337eb11463941480bddb83 6132

9d4432274455bb51b4c07d40992c8e4b arace_fire_neonbible_fr

xtc_go_2_cover_500 091857199ace2ad44c67c9c3fc57813b

athelete_beyond_neighborhoo beastie_boys_5_bouroughs_fr

beastieboys_licensedto big_duets_500x500

billie clubbers_guide_2007

chutes_to_narrow_500 coldplay-vivalavida

cover1 devils_gun_front

divisonBell_pinkFloyd drunkpark-mm-songs-album_sl


ErykahBaduNewAmerykah front-cover

gallows_belly_of_shark ground_control_eye_brow

IntrodJossStone hailtothe_theif

je_cover Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

kisschasycover 531x480.aspx

way_out_west_old_groove_sov unklejam_cover

thomYorke systemofadown_steal

tatum10 soulwax_nite_versions

TheInformation sleevage_censorshit

show_your_bones rolled_gold_500x500

roots_slime_and_reason shape_of_braod_minds_500

ratm_ratm navy-blues

pinkFloyd oblivionwithbells_underworld

quinichette pearljam_boolegs_montage

lee_morgan_the_rumproller jens_lekman_-_oh_youre_so_silent_jens

hotchip_the_warning rotation

oasis album cover 150708 gymclassheroesquilt

1587180 41HWNjU+b3L._SS500_