Adobe CS5 Product Q&A Press Session at FITC Toronto

Part of our Day 3 (April 26, 2010) of FITC [ Flash in the Can – Toronto ] consisted of a press question and answer session with a panel of some top representatives and FITC keynote speakers from Adobe.

The Adobe Panel:

Richard Galvan – Technical Product Manager
Tom Barclay – Senior Product Marketing Manager
Mark Anders – Co-Founder of Flash Catalyst

Here is a rough breakdown of some key concepts that were talked about during the session.
For those of you who attended the Keynote address on Sunday, there wasn’t much new covered.(unfortunately)

One of the first things that was mentioned and talked about was the Open Screen Project. It seems the overall goal of the project is to ensure improved quality and consistency of run times content on all platform – Computer, Smartphones, Digital Home Devises. Adobe wants to ensure consumers can take in content in a better and easier way than in the past. One way they are ensuring that the consumer can receive this experience is by making it easier for developers to produce and publish content for these various platforms and devices.

The panel mentioned several times that CS5 will deliver an enhanced user experience by making the various programs within the new Creative Suite 5 work together and talk to each other. Adobe is now recognizing that many users in today’s design / development industry are not labeled as strictly a “designer” or a “developer”. Some new features such as the ability to use InDesign in conjunction with Flash was one of the ways Adobe is helping designers develop and developers design.

Those are some of my initial thoughts from the discussion panel… More to follow. I will update this post.

Please comment and I can elaborate on things that I have mentioned, as my notes are much more extensive than what I have mentioned above.