A Showcase of Stellar Concept Cars Sketches

With modern technology constantly becoming more advanced, concept cars are a glimpse in to the future. These concepts turn into prototypes, produced to showcase a new car’s style, technology and overall design before production and we’ve got a stellar grouping here.Usually unveiled at motor shows, concept cars gauge customers’ reactions to new, innovative and often times, radical, designs.

Some concept car designs use non-traditional materials, consisting of carbon fiber or even paper. Other car designs have unique layouts with 6 doors or special abilities (one of the reasons why concept cars may never develop pass a scale model or computer design).

Every good idea begins on paper and drawing a concept car is a great way to start out; this process helps to resolve many bugs before rendering and get a feel for the possible soon-to-be vehicle. Most of the time multiple designs are created with all sides of the car’s interior and exterior illustrated, every angle must be captured in the drawing stage.

There is no certainty of manufacturing all concept car designs; some may not even have a chance of being produced. But the attention to detail, creativity, and skill exposed in the drawing stage amplifies how talented these industrial designers are. Their imaginative, futuristic concepts overwhelm audiences all around the world.

Take a look at this innovative selection of concept car sketches that have been introduced to us through the years. The selection of concepts below uses a combination of vector and Photoshop as well as traditional hand drawing techniques.

Wood Aerodynamics Concept


Mazda Furai Concept



LaFerrari Concept



Wooden Car Concept


Citroen GT Concept


Qoros Flagship Concept


Peugeot Onyx Concept


BMW 5 Series GT Concept


Volkswagen Taigun Concept



Honda EV-STER Concept



What are some of your favorite concepts? Do you like the conceptual style of industrial design?