A Futuristic UI World: The Goods and Bads

User Interface (UI) can simply be explained as medium of interaction between a computer program and a human (User). Here’s a look at the future of UIs, and what they hold.

The reason why we stress on user interface time and time again, is because it is the UI that determines how easily one can establish a successful communication link between a user and their computer counterpart. Command-driven and Menu-driven interfaces are two of the most popular interface types known till date, however, we are still on the path to technological development, which in near time can gift us with exclusive and innovative user interfaces.

Common expectations of a User Interface

  • Should be useful and satisfying
  • Should be easy to grasp with low learning curve
  • Improves work efficiency of a user in a given task
  • Should be reliable (minimal program errors)
  • Should be user-friendly

User Interface is a medium of communication and/or interaction perpetuated between man and a machine, which is a bond personified by technology with time. Over the years, that bond has been redefined to the extent that conglomerates have successfully deployed next level user interface in their core management. Much has been debated about the advantage of modern interface in reducing effort and human labor over the years but, but we will be looking at a different lane exploring certain shortcomings that the same futuristic UI beholds for different sectors; exploring the Goods and Bads that next level user interface has had on the corporate world, which is centered around customer satisfaction.

The Goods

No one will deny the fact that modern interface has been successful in changing the face of commercialization over the years and much is expected from futuristic user interface as well. Let’s have a look at the major impact that UI has had on the commercial segment of the economy recently:

Economical Benefits
It is because of butter smooth user interfaces, industrial risks have dramatically reduced risks, and as a result of the user-friendliness that modern UI boasts of, competition has also been reduced.

Reduced Errors
Modern UI has been successful in establishing a colossal bond between man and machine, which has resulted in smooth work pattern and reduced human errors.

Improved productivity and Client satisfaction
User Interface has always been about improving machine interaction to an extent where-in productivity will be at it’s best and as a result you will have a smiling client with better word-of-mouth publicity! Thank UI!

Good UI is equal to a smooth website navigation
Not many realize the importance of a good user interface till they see the increasing bounce rate on their website. Good user Interface will result in a better website navigation architecture, which will assist in retaining a prospective client much easily.


Justified brand bragging

Brand bragging and word-of-mouth, are both two sides of the same coin known as ‘publicity’. Rather than wasting essential resources on a publicity stunt, a firm should focus on establishing a better UI that can offer the opportunity for said firm to brag about their brand in a much more justified manner—a perfect UI is a great start.

A terrific user interface has always been about the end-user, which is why we cannot ignore the benefit that a perfect UI would have for the user:

  • A Good user interface will result in better accessibility.
  • Better GUI (Graphic User Interface) will result in a better user experience.
  • Better communication will yield better results (sales or experience).

The Bads

The above mentioned statements were all accredited to the benefits that modernistic User Interface has had on the commercial sector; as well for the users who are closely associated with the UI. However, everything has a dark side, including our modernistic approach to UI. This modern level UI and customer satisfaction associated with it, has been a major benefit for a firm to brag about, however, the same has also become a reason for apprehension too (or signs of caution)!

  • Implementation of Modern UI takes time for a prospective client to get adapted to.
  • The implementation process of modern UI is often considered to be time consuming, which means more machine stoppage and could lower productivity.
  • You will be required to deploy better technology to support the installation of UI in the initial stages, which might prove to be time consuming.
  • Those who are not good with technology and internet will take more time to get adapted to the new UI.
  • Bad user-experience will result in bad image, bad word-of-mouth publicity, and less option to brag about your brand in the market.


No matter how time consuming or complicated the deployment of modern UI may be, people will adjust accordingly with time. Both technology, and it’s User Interface, have evolved dynamically over the years, which is why the deployment of the same will require equal brainstorming and execution. A firm should always consider the user first, before taking any step with regards to the technology and UI. However, a business firm should never resist change and advancements, both of which play a vital role in business expansion (and better UIs). Therefore, establishing equilibrium between clients satisfaction and Next Generation UI will the key to your success.

What are some of your favorite implementations of UI? In the mobile or Web space? Which companies have got it right? Let us know in the comments below!

*Author's Note; Featured Image spot from Dash