7 Innovative New Ways to Sell Your Designs

With all the hours spent working on your latest designs, illustrations and creations, it’s important to be able to make the most of them and use your designs in the most interesting ways possible. This can help get your designs noticed, and open up exciting new avenues and opportunities that can really make your work stand out in unique ways.

There are a number of exciting new ways to sell your designs that have popped up over the past few years, which were never previously available.  This includes new products, and new ways to sell and promote your designs, particularly online. This post is going to take a quick look at 7 of the newest and most innovative ways to sell your designs that you may not have ever thought possible before.

We’ll start with a unique way to sell your logo designs…

Logo Design Competition – 99 Designs

On this website, businesses from around the world list design briefs detailing job specs such as ‘design me a new logo’. They say how much their budget is, and you and other designers can design a logo for the company and put forward your idea. If it is chosen then you win the design fee for your work.

Sell Your Designs on iPhone Cases – Zazzle

With so many people owning an iPhone, and so many looking to customize it, Zazzle bring the ability to sell your designs worldwide on protective iphone cases. Simply upload your design, set your price and away you go. This is the kind of thing that looks great in your portfolio and also when clients visit you.

Custom Wallpaper and Wallpaper Murals Murals Wallpaper

You may have sold your designs as canvas prints and art prints before, but with an ever increasing demand for larger and more unique pieces of art and design in people’s homes, Murals Wallpaper take wall art to another level by giving you the option of selling your designs as huge wallpaper murals. They have an exclusive wallpaper design section that is rotated monthly, so simply contact them via their website to put forward your designs for sale. If you’re based in North America then go to Wallpaper Wall Murals.

Acrylic PrintsPrint Lounge

People want more variety than the  standard canvas prints that are mass produced and sold everywhere these days, so why not look for potentially the next big thing… acrylic prints! With acrylic prints you can show your designs off in a contemporary style, and you can even backlight the Perspex to bring your designs and art to life in the dark. Printlounge.co.uk ship internationally and specialize in the production of these prints.

Designer DogsSpreadshirt

As you know, people are often crazy about the pets and treat them like little humans a lot of the time, so this may sound a bit wacky, but why not get your designs noticed in this market and sell your designs as clothing for dogs. Spreadshirt offer this opportunity, as well as the ability to sell more run of the mill products like t-shirts and bags for humans!

Big Stock Royaltiesgraphicleftovers.com

Stock photo website have been the staples of many a designer’s income for a long time now, but often the royalties seem very small. This is where Graphic Leftovers comes in; they pay much higher royalties then the more well known websites, so check them out!

More Wallpaper… of the digital varietyMyxer.com

We’ve looked at wallpaper murals and also iPhone’s, so why not combine the two and sell your designs as digital wallpaper for phones and computer screen backdrops. Myxer let you upload and sell your designs as wallpaper in a digital format in a very simple way.