7 Elite T-shirt Design that you will love to Pick

The demand for custom printed T-shirt designs is mega-huge, so as its market. Businesses are utilizing it as a powerful promotional weapon to get impressively noticed in the throng.

 At the same time designing a custom T-shirt requires adept design skills and creative brains to come up with outstanding results. Some T-shirts have cool designs and some designs are even harder to understand. T-shirts can be designed with a specific theme or even rendering a message. But whatever is the theme, the sole purpose of customized T-shirts is to grab the attention of the viewers. Designing a T-shirt shouldn’t be too complex that someone stares at it for continuous five minutes, and then say OKAY! But the design should be eye-grabbing and hasty to understand with reflecting the artists’ innovation and imagination.

Over the past few years, an infinite craze can be seen for custom designed T-shirts. As a result, Graphic Designers are coming out of their shell and offering out-of-the-box designed T-shirts. People are welcoming and loving the modern trends of custom T-shirt designs. Well, through the means of this blog, I have come up with such inventive collection of T-shirts that epitomize the illustrators’ creativity and inspiration. We have exclusively selected 10 elite T-shirt designs picks from all over the web that simply deserves WOW!

Threadless: WAKE by Phil Jones

Most of you would be aware of Threadless.com, as it requires no introduction in the realm of custom T-shirt designs. The service provider also gives opportunities for novice and seasoned artists to submit their creative designs to the site, which are then voted by the online visitors in the community (for a period of 7 days). Once the rating period is over, the scores are gauged from 0 to 5 by Threadless.com to get it imprinted into a T-shirt. This is a wonderful T-shirt design by Phil Jones.


SOYU: Wisdom by TADO


SOYU is another T-shirt design agency that gives birth to trendy and unique designs. Here the graphic designers and artists focus on all sorts of T-shirt design trends and culture. As you may find a cool collection of T-shirt designs with having great proverbs, quotes and adage wisdom written on it. This is an awesome T-shirt design crafted by Creative Bloq favorites TADO. I know you will love it.

My Yard: Wild Card

My Yard is a graphic designing destination that always keeps its eyes for fresh and trendy fashion. They come up with cool and classy designs and also feature trendy designs from upcoming illustrators and local artists. This ‘Wild Cart’ T-shirt design showcases the sheer intricacy done in the design. The four Disney-style hands add a complete essence to this wonderful design. It is a complete winning design and one of my favorites.


Donuts: Uno One R&B

Donuts is a Bristol based independent store house with stocking some popular brands like Wood Wood, Norse projects and Rockwell. Donuts frequently hosts exhibitions where demonstrating the creativity of designs crafted by illustrators, local artists and designers. The showcased Uno One R&B design is based on a popular R&B song that was composed by Daddison.


REBEL8: Blessed

This is a wonderful design artwork featured by REBEL8 rendering a beautiful graffiti and tattoo creativity that is seen rarely. With REBEL8, you will find that most graphics are crafted with hands despite using computer software and tools. This legendary design is originated by Mike Giant that definitely deserves a WOW.


Folk: Parsons tee

Folk has its own unique design principles when it comes to custom T-shirt designing. Based on the simple yet attractive ethos and also as the name suggests Folk comes up with subtle and balanced designs which are purely different from the one you got fed-up off. Being a renowned identity in the custom design realm, Folk has earned a Scottish Fashion Awards nod in 2011.


Lazy Oaf: Big Tongue Slob

This is a creative design from the design house of Lazy Oaf, currently located in East London. In the earlier days (2001), this design agency came up with hand-screen printed T-shirts, which became a major hit and available in over 150 outlets globally.

This ‘Big Tongue Slob’ designed tee grabs the attention with its long tongue that turns into the zip, in case you don’t want to take out the tongue; just convert into a pocket case. Isn’t Cool?


Hope you have enjoyed viewing the exclusive gallery of T-shirt designs. Well the sheer credit goes to those adept designers and illustrators that have created these outstanding designs that we are admiring today!