5 Websites from the 90s that Still Work Today

The World Wide Web could be considered a digital copy of your local mall in some ways: every season, the shops change their displays, changing to a more fashionable design in keeping the current trends. In the continuous war on bad graphics and pointless content, today’s websites update at an ever-increasing rate, sending unchanged sites to the graveyard in the cloud.

Yet what happened before super-fast Internet connections? No fancy graphics and sleek buttons existed back in the world of the 90s — but surprisingly enough, some of those basic, HTML 1.0 websites have survived until today. Here are four of them.

IFINDIT!: One of the Many Pre-Google Answers to Search


Do you remember what the world was like before Google? The company IFINDIT! was only incorporated back in 1998; four long years after Netscape Navigator became the first popular web browser. Before then, everyone used AskJeevs, AltaVista, Lycos or many more. While most of these have updated their sites, IFINDIT! hasn’t. What’s more, it even looks like it never got off the ground.

A Little History Lesson of the World Wide Web: For Your Edification


Want to know how the internet got off the ground but don’t care about Google? Well, w3.org’s brief history might be just for you. From 1945 to 1995, this covers all the major innovations in a beautiful yellow html 1.0 interface. The yellow background brings back all the memories of 90s Netscape; it was a simpler world back then. Websites didn’t need users to own high-end machines to load their graphics, and you didn’t need to have VDSL explained to understand how your Internet connection worked.

The Best Page In the Universe ’98: Really The Best Webpage?


This is one of those websites you just can’t help but read. With such informative articles as “I hate kids” and “Let’s blow up the moon”, as well as the opportunity to get your own “Best Damn Web Page in the Universe” badge, this site can offer hours of 90s fun. What’s more, the articles are regularly updated, while the 90s theme remains.

Pokey the Penguin: From Complaints to Penguins


Clicking on one of the links from the website above will deliver the goods, too. Pokey the Penguin looks and feels just like an old html 1.0 site and the confusing MS Paint cartoons are the icing on the cake. Look out for the Hall of Whimsy, too.

Parallel: Talk About Arty


It’s late ’95 and you’re looking for some interesting reading: where better to go than Parallel? This site has everything needed to take the last place on this list of 90s websites. Full of art, this site gains style points for its beautiful green text links on a yellow background.

For a trip down nostalgia lane, 90s-style websites offer a refreshing break from the crisp borders, eye-catching graphics, and HTML 5 flashiness of today. Looking at the simple one color backgrounds and text links, you’ll be left reminiscing. Everyone just knew it wouldn’t work, right? Thanks for joining us on this trip to when the Internet was a simpler, weirder place.