5 Top iPad Apps for Web Designers

Tablets have come a long way since the release of the original iPad. The iPad went from play, to work, and here are some awesome apps to help you do so.

While it might not be able to perform processor-intensive tasks, there are nice selections of iPad apps available that offer convenience to many a web designer. With these five apps, you can continue to work on your latest projects without the need to boot up your laptop or PC.


Gusto is a web design interface with built-in FTP and SFTP functionality. Projects are automatically stored and managed on the iPad based on your settings to ensure that you never have to worry about having an old version of the project or saving your work every time that you want to switch apps. All of your projects are arranged in a thumbnail grid for easy access. The tabbed editor allows you to modify multiple files at once and full syntax highlighting for most common scripting and programming languages keeps your code clean and simple.


The touch interface of the iPad makes it ideal for flowchart design and mind mapping of your web design projects. OmniGraffle features a full set of customizable stencils to make creating your chart a breeze. Simply drag the desired stencils to the canvas, choose a color or font and connect your items. The app also features a draw mode that allows freehand creation of elements and diagrams for added flexibility. Once you are finished, you can export your charts to PDF for sharing or import them into OmniGraffle for Mac to further tweak your designs.


Palettes 5.0

From branding to the user experience, color is an important part of any web design. Palettes 5.0 for the iPad makes it easy to create custom palettes and grab colors from a variety of sources. Each of your palettes can be arranged on the screen for easy comparison and exported to most popular image editing and web design software. Color profiles allow you to easily sort through available colors and get to work. With up to 25 colors per palette, this tool offers more than enough flexibility for most projects.



Mockups are a great way to test a web design or pitch an idea to clients. With multi-touch support, a variety of templates and a snap-to-grid system, iMockups makes creating a rough draft of a website fast and intuitive. Creating design elements is a snap using the multi-touch interface. Layer support and the on-screen nudge arrows allow for precision editing when needed as well. Projects can be organized and sorted for quick access when working on multiple designs. Support for both PNG and BMML exports makes it easy to share your designs with others.


Adobe Ideas

Whether you are designing logos or creating basic design elements, Adobe Ideas offers a capable vector image solution on the iPad. Integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud service allows you to synchronize files with any Adobe products you might use on your computer with one tap of the screen. Each design can be saved using a unique filename for easy sorting and access. Should you need to further refine your images, Adobe Ideas files are compatible with both Photoshop CS5 and Illustrator CS5 through plug-ins.