#5 Top 5 Collections of Vintage Art Resources

There is so much great style in the past, but in this immediate, trend-laden, digital age it’s easy to only look forward. A designer must not ignore the art of yesterday, as the principles and overall feel can often be eloquently reinterpreted or involved with current styles and practices. I chose these 5 resources of vintage photography, typography, and design for their value in reference to what used to be. Enjoy!

This past week we have seen 5 – Top 5 posts, I have really enjoyed this contest and the small post schedule we have created. I would like to open this up to anyone who wants to submit a Top 5 or Top 10 list to Inspiredology. It’s a great way to offer quick posts, sometimes smaller items that fall through the cracks of larger posts will find a home within this type of post. Hope you enjoy our final Top 5 contest winner. – Chad

1# – TimeLife Google Archive

#2 – Flickr

#3 – BibliOdyssey

#4 – grain edit

#5 – IAMPETH Rare Books on Calligraphy and Penmanship