44 Gorgeous Watercolour Examples

Watercolour is a great source of inspiration, for many Graphic Designers, painting isn’t their thing, but because of the tools we can use – most designers now have the ability to create wonderful digital watercolour designs.

Whether you use Watercolour to add subtle textures to your posters, or adding watercolour backgrounds to your website background. Watercolour is a useful art element that can add subtle details or be the main element to your posters. You can check our latest Watercolour post here Showcase of Watercolour in Webdesign

ReinBeer – Karen Kurycki

Nada Surf – Karen Kurycki

Editorial – Fiodor SUMKIN

End 2007 Works – Raphael Vicenzi

Freedom is out of Fashion

Depthcore, Freestyle IV

Come Home little soul

Perfect Portfolio’s – Nik Ainley

Pseudo Pop – Stas Sipovich

Break Fever – Tim Niall-Harris

B I R D S – Gabriel Pulecio


Watercolurs – Vivian Y.Kim

It’s all about H.E.R – Alex Scott

Capital Lights – Joey Gordon

Brunette Watercolour – Jonathan Tenkely

Portugal Man on Poster – Ryan Seaman

Abstraction – dima Yu

Droles de Dames – Samuel Bismes

The Monster – Jorge Andres

Analog Incorporated – Cassidy Flanagin

Pigda – Shadow Chen

Science is Pregnant

Mixed Media

Vote for Seasick tee

Sunglasses Watercolour – Caio Call – Calderari

Nike Watercolour Shoes

Watercolour Woman Faces

Self Promotion – Keith Eric Williams

Personal Work – Peter Oumanski

Textures – Andre Meca

Kiss the girls – Olly Howe

Packagings – Georginal Luck

Jazz Man – Edgar Nagarro

Watercolour Illustrations – Dmitry Ligay

Watercolour – Alya Bunina

It’s easy to be green DVD – Jaclyn Stauber

2009 Paintings – Darryl Graham

Ink and Watercolours – Saoirse Iouise

Crow Study – David Caesar