4 Essential Questions to Ask for Effective Graphic Design

It’s hard to design something you don’t have a full understanding of, so make sure you’re asking the right questions to conceptualize the best designs.

Before jumping into a blank canvas for your client, you should know and understand first, the things they want to promote on the page they want you to design—essential content. Asking them small details can lead you into making a relevant Graphics that have ROI (Return on Interest).

Here are 4 Essential Questions that Designers should ask their clients to extract what they really want and need for their designs.

What is the main objective of the graphics?

As a designer, you should know what the main objective of the Graphics you will design, if it should be educational (formal), informative, social (fun), or playful. You should suit the look of the Graphic with its content. The page design should be relevant with the people who will use it. The Graphic should serve its intended purpose or objective.

What information do they want visible?


When you design a promotional material, you of course need to know what information it entails. You need to ask your client what they want to be visible on the Graphic/s (like where they want to put their logo), what are the other details necessary to be seen in the graphic.

You should expand your knowledge upon your client’s prospect costumers so you could put their assumed “attitude” on your design

Who are their target readers or audience, what is the demographic?

You should ask your client what type of costumers they want to target. For example, do they want to target professionals, marketers, students or just anyone? It is because you have to relate your design on the costumer’s point of view. You should know if you have to make it “fun” for social networking, playful design for kid’s related blogs, pure professional design for strict business or “cool” design for some students who get bored with plain-themed design. Think about what theme to use on the graphic, what kind of feel it could bring to the reader whom is browsing the material.

You should expand your knowledge upon your client’s prospect costumers so you could put their assumed “attitude” on your design. It helps if you set the right mood of the prospect costumer for them to grasp the information seen on the graphic..

Do they have a font or color for their branding?

Before finalizing the design, you should ask what color your client maintains. It may depend on the product or brand that your client promotes. It always should carry your client’s personal touch. This implies a better connection of your client to their graphic and their customers.


Making a graphic isn’t as easy as we sometimes hope it can be. You have to put up a list of the things that should be seen on the design, consider the brand of the client, and a lot more things to keep in mind when designing a graphic for your client. Don’t be afraid to ask questions for it will help you have a clear understanding of what your client expects from you.

These questions are enough to get the client-designer conversation started. Don’t be afraid to ask more and get ballsy. What are some key questions you ask your clients before/when you’re doing work for them?