30 Breathtaking Photoshop Masterpieces

Photoshop is the most powerful design tool since the pencil. Just recently turning 20, Photoshop has allowed designers to push the limits of creativity to new areas, we thought we would never reach. Digital manipulation and creativeness have teamed up for this post – creating one of the most breathtaking posts on Inspiredology. This post features heavily manipulated Photoshop designs, there were no animals or humans injured in the making of this post but I can’t say anything about the features.

Crescendo – Jesar

The Beast – Pablo Olivera

Supervivencia – Pablo Olivera

Break it – Bram Vanhaeren

Waste Not. Want Not. – Mike Campau

Grafuck 3 – Alberto Seveso

Ice Cube – Factory 311

David Waters

The Struggle – David Water

Thicker Than Matter – Adam Spizak

My exploding pets – Kim Jerbo

Urban Environment – Craig Shields

Blackleash – Maciej Robak

Contra Band – Amy Neal

Creatio ex Nihilo – Cristiano Siqueira

Wildlife – Mission Design

Werewolf’s Night – Wojciech Pijeckl

Eon – Gin N Juice

Flying Tortoise – barbieri.pamela

Global Warming PSA – pepey

Punishment – tungoy12

Synechdoche – Stillontherun

espejismo urbano – Cocodmor

Believe – James Carey

Deadliest Catch – The Hejz / Ars Thanea

Toes What Toes – The Hejz / Ars Thanea

Escape – Maciej Mizer