27 Fantastic Tutorials for Learning Illustrator's Warp Tools

Playing around with the settings for each of the Warp Tools is a great way to get to know each one, but it certainly can become quite time consuming, especially if you are one to get lost in design.

Sometimes, following a tutorial can be better for limiting your play time but also for seeing the tools in action.

The following list includes tutorials for CS5 as well as for earlier CS versions of Adobe Illustrator. Try some of your favorites and see the incredible uses available with the Warp Tools.

Tutorial Series from Lynda.com

Part 1: Introducing the Warp Tool

Part 2: The Twirl, Pucker, and Bloat Tools

Part 3: The Scallop, Crystallize, and Wrinkle Tools

In this tutorial available with the purchase of a membership, learn all of the Warp Tools (Warp, Twirl, Pucker, Bloat, Scallop, Crystallize, and Wrinkle) while creating this winged horse image. The entire tutorial is broken into three separate parts with each video focusing on a specific set of the Warp Tools.

How to Wrinkle Flowers in Illustrator

Learn how to wrinkle flowers in Illustrator quickly and easily.

Create a Sketchy Hand Drawn Camera Illustration

Draw a camera that looks hand-sketched using the Wrinkle Tool.

Create a Simple Paint Brush Icon

Design a paint brush icon using tools such as the Wrinkle and Ellipse Tool with this easy to follow tutorial.

Illustrator Abstract Vector Art

Use the Warp Tools to create abstract vector art in Illustrator.

Vector Super Bouncy Balls

This tutorial shows an easy and fun way of drawing bouncy balls using the Warp Tool, Smoothing Tool, and more.

Create this beautiful vector artwork using the Warp Tool, Mesh Tool, and layer blending.

See the warp tool at work in Illustrator CS5 in this tutorial for creating vector artwork from an image of a pear.

Design simple shapes using the Warp Tools.

2 Part Illustrator Tutorial from AI Vault

Create a disco ball using the Twirl and Crystallize Tools as well as the Envelope Tool in this two part tutorial.

Learn how to create a grassy hill using the Crystallize Tool in Illustrator.

These vintage bottle caps are fun to create using tools such as the Crystallize Tool and Star Tool.

Watch this talented designer create hair out of an oval shape using the Warp Tool.

Draw an undersea illustration, complete with a shark, using different Warp Tools.

Learn to draw the Windows logo using the Warp Tool in Illustrator.

Draw a beautiful painted apple using the Bristle Brush, Warp Tool, and more in Illustrator CS5.

Draw a detailed landscape wallpaper using Warp Tools and more.

Use the Warp Tool to create a wavy effect on the grass in this detailed tutorial.

Create an awesome grunge effect on a photo using the Twirl Tool.

This wood grain texture tutorials shows how to create the look used in these images using different Warp Tools.

Use items such as the Warp Tool in Illustrator and Brushes in Photoshop to create a vexel banner.

Design this beautiful Japanese style illustration in this step-by-step tutorial. Use the Warp Tool to make realistic flower shapes.

Using a combination of the Warp Tool and Mesh Tool, create an awesome fairy tale vine shaped like a hand.

Learn to create a silhouette out of an oval shape using the Warp Tool.