25 Retro Packages, Posters, and Business Cards

Often we look to modern examples of a concept instead a design’s true concept when we research design-related ideas. We have put together 25 vintage designs that modern design concepts are drawn from. 

Retro design is one of those things I found myself referencing for “modern retro” designs, concepts that are based upon retro theories, but aren’t the actual retro designs. While this is certainly applicable as you can see how others are using the vintage design in a modern way, sometimes to really create your own unique, modern interpretation of an old-fashioned design style, you have to ignore what others are doing, look to the past, and draw from your own talent.

The following roundup of vintage designs are “the real deal”. The designs are actual vintage packages, posters, and business cards; no modern retro designs are present. Take a look to see if these inspire any ground-breaking design ideas and  ask yourself: how will these designs influence you when compared to modern retro designs? Are there elements you may have missed or added if you’d not had original retro designs to reference?

Vintage Business Card


Old Pot Pie Packaging


Bobby Pin Packaging


Pik-Up Stiks Packaging


Children’s Game Packaging


Kaleidoscope Packaging


Soap Dye Advertising


Bicycles and Cars Poster


Vintage Postcard


Tailor Business Card


Crest Poster


Charlie Chaplin Movie Poster


Clara Bow Movie Poster


Gum Advertisement


Optometrist Business Card


Show Poster


Cigarette Advertisement


Old Cereal Box Lucky Charms


Old Cereal Box Cheerios


Old Cereal Box Trix


WW2 Poster


Chocolate Bar Package





What are some of your favorite designs? Do you fancy the more modern retro design or the classic vintage?